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Fear and Goals

Many times as we go about our lives we are filled with trepidation. The very thought of doing something makes us recoil so far into ourselves that we wish we would never need to do anything about whatever it is that is bringing us so much fear. The problem is that if something invokes such a strong emotional response, there is probably a reason we need to face it. If it didnt have an impact on us, then it would be no big deal.

In times like this it is often wise to sit down and be very honest with ourselves. Whatever we are scared of how is it affecting our lives? How about the lives of others? What happens if I don’t deal with the situation? Is this really as big a deal as I’m making it out to be? Sometimes its really not as can be the case if other stressors have managed to pile up in our proverbial daily queue.

In any case, if this issue does need to be dealt with, which is often the case, it is wise to first figure out when things need to be dealt with and why, but even more importantly how will this benefit us to have it dealt with? Sometimes when we are weighted down with the world all we need to do is focus on the benefits. Another tip is to take it in bits. Maybe whatever you need to do is rather hard to do or stressful. Set goals and take it in chunks making sure to do something daily. If you dig up a cup of dirt a day pretty soon you will have a very gigantic hole, or in this case you will have completed your goals.



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