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How to Connect to Spring’s Energies to Grow Your Dreams

Growth is Everywhere

Just as a caterpillar starts out small, as it grows it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Plant your intents so that you too can create growth and beauty in your life.

Do you want your spirit and life to grow like the approaching energies of spring? Even though we find ourselves largely isolated from the elements, we are still entwined with the sacred flow of seasons that turns around us. By taking time to honor the earth and its flow all around us through simple actions, you can encourage them to manifest the pulse of life in your own life.

Soon it will be the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of spring, and for others Ostara. No matter what you call it, the day marks the beginning of the coming warmth of spring. Soon green trees, grasses and flowers will drape the earth in luscious finery.

We are linked to the miraculous flow of life innately, but when we take time to honor these cycles we bring ourselves closer to them.

Plant Your Seeds

What do you want to bring fruition this year? These intents are the seeds you can plant your future with. Let your soul sing with the energies of spring. Dream, play and write your soul seeds that you wish to grow! Maybe even create a collage and put it somewhere you see daily to remind you of what you want to manifest in your life.


Just as the showers, nutrients of the earth and warmth of the sun will nourish the seeds to produce new forms of life, so too do your dreams need nurturing. What actions do you need to manifest your intents? What obstacles need to be attended to so that you can reach taller and stronger toward those goals?

Don’t worry if the dreams feel far away. Now is the magic of spring. Invite the energies to fill you, and spiritually nourish your life. Look to the sky with your arms extended so that you feel the warmth of courage and potential within. Thank your helping spirits, the divine, and all beings for helping you to live a good life.

Remember that all seeds begin very small compared to what they become. They sit nestled in darkness before they explode from the earth.

New beginnings can be fragile and vulnerable like a new seedling. Sometimes there will be failures. But let those failures be fertilizer to cultivate the right plant (intent) for you. Some people may want to grow goals in their life that are simple like the grass, others may want exotic lilies, or sturdy cactuses. Just remember each dream is different.

A Plant Companion

Buy a seed or plant and help it to grow. Make it your special dream plant. Think of your own dreams as you water and fertilize it. Let the miracle of your plant remind you of your own potential. Pick something that will be easy for you to care for. And if something happens to the plant, just remember that even beginnings may have multiple starts.

You may be the only one to see your dreams as they sit filled with potential in your heart and mind. But YOU have the power to manifest. Like the ancient oaks, it may take time to grow them. But be patient.

Everything runs in cycles. Consciously flow with them.

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