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Manifesting Winter Solstice Magic in Your Life

Winter Solstice Glory

Winter solstice is more than just an astronomical event. It is a metaphor for life and renewal.
Photo Credit: Nicolas Gent

The last few weeks each day the sun has sunk low in the sky earlier and earlier as the night has dawned wrapping us in its mystic embrace. Often during this time, emotions and lives follow going through difficult times, schedules changing. Although this yearly solar pilgrimage occurs every year, it is reminiscent of the spiritual journey we all take in our lives during challenging days.

Long Nights Begin Slowly

The darkness doesn’t embrace you quickly, it does so little by little. Not so noticeable at first, and suddenly we look up and it seems the day’s light has ended ridiculously fast. It is often like this with your own life. A little problem here and there, until the nights get longer and the challenges harder.

See Through Illusions of Hopelessness

When you find yourself in a dark night of the soul it feels like it may never end. The cloak of turmoil weighing you down feeling like you’ll be crushed. These feelings of hopeless stagnation are an illusion birthed from the falsehood then all things stay the same. The trick is to realize that just as the long nights do not last, neither will our sorrows. There comes a time where a choice needs to be made to turn in a new direction and to cultivate the light back in our lives.

Winter Reflection

Even during the cold winter, magic and hope abounds.
Photo Credit: Shane Gorski

Begin to Change

Perhaps at first it may just be a simple act of self-nurturing, which turns into plans for designing a re-birth to conquer personal darkness. Eventually those plans need to be turned to actions. All the while the wheel of time turns, seasons changing, and the path of the sun and moon begin to spinning differently over the land. Your change in mindset and action helps birth the change natural and inherent in all things.

Proof of Change in your Breath

The trick is to breath. Just as our breath flows in and out, so does the tides come in and out. All of life is a giant process, movement. When you find yourself in a place of never-ending darkness, feel your breath. Realize that it goes in and out. Change and movement necessary for life is within you. Let your breath give you courage. Decide to manifest change to work toward better beginnings even as you may feel the weight of problems.


Be patient. Just as the sun takes a while to come back to bring us summer warmth, so will it take time for your own actions to manifest a better day. Allow flow to occur. When you decide to bring the sun back into your life, there will be days you feel failure. Days when dark storm clouds fill your vision and leave you feeling pathetic as you stand wet and cold from a bad day. Realize that the sun will rise again. The splashes of color of a sunrise and sunset is a promise that beauty can follow darkness. Hold onto these simple promises.

May the sun shine brightly in your life, and the stars guide you when you walk through your darkest nights. May you be blessed in each brand new day. And may the divine guide and hold you with each step you take in your life.

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