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Personal Change with the Moon

Intentions and magic by the dark moon.

Your life, like the night sky is filled with possibilities when the moon is dark.

Cloaked in mystery and darkness, the new moon lays upon us. Like dark, rich soil it is a time to plant your intentions and dreams. It is appropriate, as during the new moon there is no silvery orb to light our way. In darkness, there is nothing, and yet massive potential.

Be still, and take this time to strip away the clutter of the days. Silence the chatter of the daily demands. What do you really want? What dreams do your heart whisper that it wants to scream? Dig into the yearnings that tug at your heart and mind that you shove aside. These are the things to plant.

Write it down. Create a collage to express it. Do what you need to create that seed that you wish to grow into reality. Let your imagination run wild as you temporarily push your limitations aside.

Once planted, it is time to cultivate your seed. The best time for action is the full moon. So over the days after the new moon think on the actions needed to create your dreams. It may take more then one moon cycle to create it. During each new moon check in with your dream and see what more you can do to work on it.

It is amazing how so many people say, my dream is not possible. I don’t have enough time, money, knowledge etc. Take those limitations and force yourself to see how to overcome them. No money? What about giving up your coffee-house addiction and making it at home? Put the extra cash to that. Or instead of going out, put the cash you would have spent in your dream jar. Work slowly on getting the knowledge that you need. Great dreams often demand sacrifice. Challenge yourself to rise to each limitation.

No matter what, give your dreams to the Great Divine so that you can walk together to create your destiny.

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