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Nature All Around

People often think of nature as this quiet, serene place, but that is so far from the truth! This last week I went out camping and I was surrounded by the many animal people

Sparrow Totem

Sparrow reminds us to value our self-worth and be assertive where necessary.

societies. It is humbling being in the center of nature’s thriving civilizations. All around animals foraged, played and even mated! I’m happy sharing some of my camping memories and pictures here, and the associations with some of the animals I seen.

I was woke in the morning by the sound of birds, but I was taken aback by the number of hummingbirds everywhere! These little guys punctuated their chasing and scolding of each other by sips from the sweet local flowers. It’s not surprising that with all of their play that they represent a sense of adventure, joy and tasting the sweetness of life.

Woodpeckers and sparrows darted around the site. I wish I could have gotten a picture though of the mud homes of the swallows who had built mud homes near the river. There nests defied gravity plastered against a bridge with no support underneath them while filled with hungry and loud chicks! It was neat to see the swallows swooping over the river picking insects off its surface to feed to their babes waiting eagerly back home.

Frog Totem

Frog’s presence can mean a time of transformation and renewal.

Frogs were everywhere. At one time I came out of the river and at least 10 frogs leapt in different directions as I placed a single foot on the shore. I almost had to tiptoe through the campsite to avoid stepping on these hosts to whom I was a guest on their land. They are symbols of cleansing, renewal, and transformation. During my trip they also reminded me of the life all around that is difficult to see but is there none the less.

I felt honored also to catch glimpses of a few snakes. They moved so smoothly across the rocky ground that it seemed like magic. Though people often fear snakes, these in particular were very timid. I couldn’t get closer than 5 feet before they would hurry on their way.

Snake totem is all about transformation, life changes, and physical healing. They are associated with kundalini energies. Kundalini energy lies coiled at the base of the spine. When awakened it moves up the spine and can lead to bliss and enlightenment.

It was a wonderful experience to get out and be reminded of all the busyness of the animal people again. The power of nature that flows continually whether we are aware of it or not. When  you go out camping next, remember you are visiting the animal’s homes and honor that by keeping it clean and letting them go about their lives unharmed.

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