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Thinning of the Veils

As the haunting evening draws closer, we are surrounded by cartoonish or gruesome images of ghosts and ghouls that often scare and delight us. But as with most fantastic, and often unbelievable stories and myths that surround us, there is truth in these images. During the period before and after Halloween the veil between the worlds get thinner. This means that those on the other side can reach us easier, and other energies and spirits are more active.

As much as I enjoy the splashed of orange and black, pumpkin carving and holiday treats, Halloween is a very sacred time for me. Especially when night comes I spend time out feeling the spirits and energies of the season. They have their own special notes that although contain the darkness implied by the season, there is also this deep feeling of communing with the spirit world.

While its true that we are constantly surrounded by angels, animal guides, elementals, ancestors, and discarnate passing spirits both peaceful and restless, and a host of other spirits, now is the time where its easier to talk to them and feel them.

To me, during the Halloween season, it feels that all places maintain the heavy, cushioning feel of sacred places. Especially when walking outside with the sound of the last of the autumn leaves blowing in the trees and across bare pavement, I think of all those spirits on the other side that join us during this season and how it is a time to honor all that which is unseen.

When you sit in your house or walk outside be aware of these spirits and energies. It is important during this time that if you do any magical workings to use extra protection and, as always, with full respect. I recommend calling in your guides or angels or creating sacred space when communing with the ancestors. I don’t recommend novices to play with such devices as oujibe boards as even though they are labeled a toy, they are actually a tool and do create a gateway. There is some controvery between sources on whether or not spirits can decieve/lie, but it is my experience that they can. This is why protection is so necessary. The spirit world doesn’t have to be a scary place, but its important to remember that not everything is light and love either.

So remember to enjoy the spirit of the season, but also to be safe as you commune with your ancestors and the energies. Its a truley beautiful time of year, both in the seen and the unseen realms.



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