Jazzercise, Blackmail and Other Fun Resolution-Achieving Ideas

New Year's Resolution Map

You don’t have to get lost mapping out and achieving your new year’s resolutions.

It’s that time of the year again when people pop that one special question. No, not that question. The dreaded yearly question of what are your new year resolutions? It is a time where people bravely step up to declare their new intents to change for the better. Unfortunately, too often the enthusiasm shortly plummets. So how can you make them last? It’s all in the approach.

1) Avoid becoming a resolution diva

The hype surrounding new year’s resolutions is intense. Square up and get ready to flex some intention muscles because you are competing against all of humanity around the turn of the year. Piddly goals tend to be overshadowed by those that, for example, thinks they need to from no exercise at all to doing it 90 minutes a day using a DVD labeled with a warning to take breaks because it is so insane they can’t handle all the amazing. But these 0 to a million goals leaves a lot of room to get discouraged, mess up or just plain fail on.

Be reasonable when making your resolutions. If they seem unsustainable from the beginning they probably are. It may prevent you from beginning, or giving up early on.

2) Ramp it up

Just because you shouldn’t aim for a resolution akin to taking over the world in a fun-filled evening, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it challenging. Understand what you ultimately want to achieve. Then try setting up a plan where you slowly work toward that goal. This will help you go through a transition time, which in turn will help to make the changes last. If you want to eat better, try cutting out your after dinner ice cream every other night. Then two weeks later eat half as much ice cream on the nights you do, and so on and so forth.

It is okay to start with not practicing the hardest thing at first, but keep yourself on task. Remember you want to succeed at your resolutions in the long-term. Not succeed for a month or two and then give up because it was hard. You can build on your little successes, which will help you with larger success.

3) Draw from the past

Even though fall is a time to look back at the year and see what you’ve harvested. I like to do this also right before the end of the year. When choosing a new year’s resolution we are seeking out ways that we are inadequate and so we focus on that. But if you can focus on the successes of the past as well, you can use them as fuel for the future. Whether you are looking at them to see hey I can do this, or that you want to build on those successes, past achievements can be a great place to look when choosing your resolutions.

4) Take in the view, then make new intents

Much like previous steps, this involves taking things one step at a time. When I do a psychic reading for someone, I am looking at all the patterns and lines of probability that will occur in the future. It is not a guarantee, it is if things continue the way they have been this will happen. It’s not that I don’t believe in any fate or per-determined events, I just don’t think everything is that way. So if you can’t guarantee the future, how do you know what the best intent is for an entire year?

It is important to constantly monitor events and create intents to match what needs to happen. Intents aren’t just for one day a year. They are key goals and statements that help you to decide what life paths you need to take. Be willing and vigilant to make new intents and resolutions throughout the year as necessary. Maybe you start out with a small step, but achieve it early on. Why not create a new resolution to reach even greater heights?

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Being awesome often begins with teamwork and encouragement.
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5) Don’t let talk become your enemy.

This can work both ways, and the only one who can truly determine how this will work for you is you. There is one theory that using the buddy system can help you achieve your goals. Tell a buddy and they can help hold you to it. They may even be there to try that new juicer you bought to change your diet. Or encourage you to not sleep in on that lovely rainy day when you’re scheduled to jazzercise.

Anyway, talk is not always a support system, it can go against you. Studies show that people often get the same gratification from telling someone about the great things they are going to do, then if they actually did it. For example if you tell someone of your goals, and your friend praises you, that gives you a cheater mental boost. For some that may help, but for many they got the reward, why actually go through the action. Usually this is not a conscious process, but tends to happen anyway so be aware of that. I tend not to tell people of big goals or projects I’m working toward because I do know that I’ve fallen prey to this trap.

Now another method I’ve heard of is pretty unorthodox but still involves a friend. Put enough money in an envelope to be a lot, but not so much if you don’t get it back you’ll be in financial difficulties. Then address the envelope to someone you don’t like. Give that to your friend to hold it hostage and inform them of their mission. Their job is to send that envelope if you fail to make good on your resolution. You could maybe choose an old ex and put in like $100 with a note, I hope you enjoy your next date on me. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t be confused about the gesture, but hey you can prevent from them getting your hard earned cash. Usually you give the envelope to your friend with a fixed date that the envelope is either sent or given back to you depending on your success. I haven’t tried this method, but have heard about this from someone else.

So basically, to make good on your new year’s resolutions, don’t be afraid to aim for the stars, but be reasonable. Don’t be afraid to start slow and work your way up. Remember, it doesn’t need to be immediate, but to get permanence is the goal. Take note if telling friends tends to help or hinder you.

And finally, if all else fails you may just want to try blackmailing yourself which could result in doing something nice for someone else who gets under your skin. Really almost whatever works for you right?

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In any case, may your path be illuminated by stars when you walk through darkness. May you find the strength and patience to persist through difficulties with grace. May you be able to look to the skies and the deep wells within the soul to find all the answers you need. And may Spirit guide and protect you and yours granting you clarity, compassion, honesty and all the gifts you need in the new year.

Discover The Real Truth Behind Spiritual Titles

Spiritual Degrees may or may not be relavent

While some spiritual titles are earned, others are not. There are those who have worked for their degrees and may not be in a good spiritual place to be or do what their title implies. There are also those who haven’t earned the title through official training and excel at what they do.

We often rely on titles to decide whose opinions and expertise we should honor, but how does that relate to the spiritual world? Titles are sometimes used to classify certain belief systems, or refer to certain training levels. They should be a useful way to determine who you can trust. Unfortunately, titles can be incredibly misleading.

It is important to note that while I go through and debunk some titles, I do not mean to insult those who hold these titles. Some may have worked very hard with many hard years of study for them. I myself have a long list of credentials, some I’m more proud of than others as some I’ve worked for others I haven’t.

I feel the need to do this article for those who aren’t educated about the vast array of titles. Always follow your intuition, ask questions where you feel necessary, and while titles can mean something, don’t let them be the only thing guiding you.


I was working on a client and they looked at me with awe as they told me that their other practitioner that worked with them was a reverend. I was surprised that much weight was given to that title. The general populace thinks of the reverend title as something that should be earned through years of training. At least a certain moral or professional standards.

Is Energy Healing Effective?

Spiritual Light

Energy healing is a meshing of our intent with the divine’s plan. It is a process greater than either the practitioner or the client.

Many people who are seeking energy and shamanic healing want to know the bottom line, will this get rid of my illness? These healing methods go way back, but a society that is losing touch with their spirituality and the magic of the divine questions and often ridicules it. Is energy healing effective? The answer is complicated. Faith, God and Spirit are powerful elements, but it is not always the right path.

Many healers will claim that yes, shamanic and energy healing will cure you 100%. This is like saying a doctor will cure you with 100% success rate. The truth is, energy and shamanic healers work on a specific level, just like doctors. And the divine’s plan always takes precedence over our wants and needs.

How does energy healing work?

Any good energy and shamanic practitioner does not want you to suffer. Their job is to calm, sooth and heal you. Spiritual practitioners focus on the energetic which is one part of you. Illnesses can arise from the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical bodies, and often a combination. Many shamanic or energetic practitioners will also help you on the mental or emotional levels through life coaching or advice from your guides and angels. Please note that it is advised you continue care through a doctor while pursuing energy healing as they work well together.


Easy Way to Deepen Your Compassion

Compassion can be simple

Expressing compassion can be as simple as walking with a friend in silence so they don’t have to walk alone.

When someone is expressing sadness, stress or grief over problems in their life it can be difficult to know how to respond. Truth is there are many ways you can respond, and it’s not always possible to know what the right way is. In one situation a person may need to have an empathetic ear, while other times they may need to be told nicely that they need to begin to pick themselves up. No matter what response is appropriate, it will require honest compassion. This highly touted spiritual trait isn’t something that comes easily. A simple, “I’m sorry for what your experiencing” without emotion is probably not enough if it is someone close to you. Compassion is empathy for other people’s suffering. Empathy takes understanding. Questions can help bring answers.

So what types of questions are necessary to build compassion?

What would it be like to be in their situation?

Asking this simple question may give an immediate answer. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Let’s examine the questioning process as if your friend called up crying because her cat died. It was her only pet, and she lives alone. You may love animals, and have first hand experienced the grief of an empty house, after your Siamese cat Pollyanna passed. If you are lucky enough to know what it’s like this question alone is probably enough to cultivate compassion to respond to your friends situation.


How to Connect to Spring’s Energies to Grow Your Dreams

Growth is Everywhere

Just as a caterpillar starts out small, as it grows it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Plant your intents so that you too can create growth and beauty in your life.

Do you want your spirit and life to grow like the approaching energies of spring? Even though we find ourselves largely isolated from the elements, we are still entwined with the sacred flow of seasons that turns around us. By taking time to honor the earth and its flow all around us through simple actions, you can encourage them to manifest the pulse of life in your own life.

Soon it will be the Vernal Equinox, otherwise known as the first day of spring, and for others Ostara. No matter what you call it, the day marks the beginning of the coming warmth of spring. Soon green trees, grasses and flowers will drape the earth in luscious finery.

We are linked to the miraculous flow of life innately, but when we take time to honor these cycles we bring ourselves closer to them.

Plant Your Seeds

What do you want to bring fruition this year? These intents are the seeds you can plant your future with. Let your soul sing with the energies of spring. Dream, play and write your soul seeds that you wish to grow! Maybe even create a collage and put it somewhere you see daily to remind you of what you want to manifest in your life.

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