Aura Cleansing, Repair and Chakra Alignment

Auras, chakras and energies, oh my! It is natural for your energy system to get bogged down and unbalanced as you run through this fast paced world. Because the spiritual affects the physical, when one is off it can cause the other to be off creating a multitude of symptoms.

Ensure that your energy systems are working in top-notch condition with this type of healing session. I will look at how your chakras are functioning, your overall auric health, and work with our guides to find out exactly what precision healing you need right now.

This type of healing is custom, so each will very. Generally, I sweep through your aura to get rid of debris, fix tears and blockages, and check the overall flow.

I focus on listening to the spirit helpers because it makes sure that the person gets what is right for them. For example I have worked on a few people that have had very poor results with other people because other workers try to work from a specific set of rules. While these rules are usually the gold standard, there are some that need to be adjusted differently or they experience a very negative reaction. Getting a healing from me should give you peace of mind as I make sure that what is done is for your highest good and in line with what the spiritual helpers see as necessary.

If you have experienced long-term illness after experiencing a healing from someone else I would recommend this as the best type of healing for you initially. If needed I do mix in Reiki or other channeled healing if prescribed, and with this healing session I take a deliberate close look at your energies. With any energy healing you may experience a harmless, but annoying, ‘healing crises’ where symptoms should flare. If this lasts more than a week something is usually wrong. If this has happened to you and you are seeking healing to correct a past energy issue please let me know. I strive to give individualized service.

Energy maintenance may help to prevent illnesses from manifesting that can begin on the spiritual level and may help to facilitate healing on pre-existing conditions. Chakras need regular maintenance, and even if you do normal cleaning and alignment on them, sometimes its good to take them into the shop for a professional treatment as it is often the most difficult to heal ourselves.

Chakra ManWhy is Chakra Healing Important?

You have 7 chakras, which are major energy processing centers in the aura. Like organs, each has a job. Each corresponds to a major aspect of your life on the mental, physical and emotional levels.

It is helpful to know what kind of issues are going on when you request a healing so that I can take extra care to look at chakras that may be associated with the problems you are having, though if one is off it can cause others to be off as well.

Chakras affect a wide variety of factors including everything from sexual performance, creativity, will power, compassion, self-love, speaking our truth, mental health, intuitive perceptions and more.

Distance Healing Impressions

You may receive a healing with or without impressions which are a short write up of information received while during the healing. Typically this includes some sort of spiritual guidance on achieving greater balance, but it may also include information about your energy system. These impressions are available by a 15 minute phone consultation if you are in the continental US.

Need something more?

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