Butterfly Transformation Package

Butterfly Close UpWhen you find yourself grieving, holding onto the past and feeling like your missing pieces of yourself the Butterfly Transformation Package if for you! It is meant to bring yourself home, give you guidance, and release you from the past so you can move forward.

Divorce, sudden accident, abuse, and major illness are only some of the reasons that people can feel that their spirit and lives have been torn apart. After situations like this people sometimes find themselves unable to fully recover. This comprehensive healing package is designed to empower and heal at a discounted price (over 25% savings). If your doubting if this package is for you, ask yourself are you ready for change? If so, you are ready for this. This is the Spirit Speaks Package with some extra services included.

The Butterfly Transformation Package includes:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Cord Cutting
  • Angelic Balance Reading
  • Sacred Bath Kit
  • 3 Question Reading

Let’s examine the benefits of each!

Sacred Bath Kit This sacred bath kit gives you everything you need to create your own home ritual to create a transformational bath. Each item is Blessed and Charged Bath Salt (2 Ounces), Candle, 2 Sticks of incense. Thunder Wolf will choose 2 bath salts for you depending on what situation your going through. Humans have long been doing rituals to acknowledge and smooth themselves through tough times. Includes a suggested instructional sheet free of charge! Shouldn’t you also acknowledge your own personal power by doing the same?
Typical Retail 4.99

Cord Cutting To bring in new positive energies you must release the old. This is a must for anyone trying to let go of old relationships and renew themselves. Energetic cords connect us to each other even when we are apart. When they are cut it allows wounds to heal, stop energetic exchange and helps obsessive thoughts to rest. Sekhem reiki is included to help bring healing, compassionate, loving energy into your aura. For those suffering from a broken heart self love is even more paramount then ever. Loving ourselves enough to grieve, move on and recognize our individual completeness is absolutely necessary. Please note, during the drumming the guides may also include a cord cutting. This healing should be done a week or two after the initial drumming as cords may be cut during it. Doing this later will give you a boost of healing energy and cut any cords that reconnected.
Typical Retail 14.99

Angelic Balance Reading A reading done in combination using cards and the angelic guidance, this will help you figure out what you need to keep in mind right now to help the transition be as smooth as possible. A must when you feel like pain, grief, fear and doubts are threatening to take over the entire self. This reading gives you something positive to think on and strive for. When we have loss we must replace it with something better.
Typical Retail 25.00

DrumSoul Retrieval/Shamanic Drumming It is very common to lose fragments of ourselves during times of extreme duress as our soul attempts to escape and hide to protect us. We can also lose parts by giving them to others or having them taken unconsciously. Depression, disassociation, obsessed/compulsive thoughts, constant illnesses, addictions, low self-esteem and more can be symptoms of soul loss. People’s reactions can be vary widely, and often times multiple soul retrievals are necessary as we can only process so much at one time. This healing will return the soul pieces to you that are needed most right now, and it will give back any soul pieces you are holding of someone else. This is the cornerstone of this package. During the drumming the guides may also bring a power animal back for you and do other healing work as they see fit. Do look at the soul retrieval section of this website to learn more.

3 Question Reading We all have questions when going through transitions and transformations. Ask them here for guidance specific to your situation.

Typical Retail $5.99

These services normally total over $150 when purchased together you can get them for the low price of $130 ($20 Savings!).  


Terms: Please note the healings will be done and delivered over a series of days.  Please realize that handling time for everything may come to up to 10 days. The Sacred Bath Kit and Soul Stone are the only services that will need mailing. There is free shipping on the bath kit if you are in the US. If outside of the US additional shipping my apply. It is recommended to share a photo with Thunder Wolf so she can connect to your energies more thoroughly, although its not necessary. Please include a general description of your situation and why your seeking healing so she can better serve you.


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