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Life is all about connections, and when we interact with other we naturally form spiritual ‘cords’ that are kind of like spiritual cables that can pass information and energy between people. Close friends and family may find themselves having a subtle knowing how someone else is doing that is beyond the normal understanding of their loved one. This is due to the cords that run between us.

Normally, this is fine, but unhealthy personal connections result in cords that reflect the dysfunctional relationship perpetuating and exacerbating problems.

Symptoms you may need a cord cutting include having:

  • Connections to old relationships that you still feel stuck in
  • Old patterns that you continue to repeat time and time again
  • Feelings of being tired and worn from people who are energy vampires in your life
  • Situations which never seem to end
  • Feelings of being pulled toward old, negative relationships

If you’ve had situations where you’ve feel manipulated, controlled, left drained, or maybe ill after interacting with someone its a good sign that you need a cord cutting.

Cords can change over time based on our thoughts and actual interactions. If you cut someone that is negative out of your life, the cord may degrade over time. Cord cuttings help to speed up the process or help correct where one or both people may find themselves in a mental loop thinking about the other person. This is especially common in relationships with a narcissistic or co-dependent personality.

Will a cord cutting make someone leave me?

A cord cutting will have affects on other levels, but cannot make anyone leave you. Energy work will not override one’s will. Therefore, if you want to keep a relationship strong, even if it is negative, then it will stay regardless of the cord cutting.

If you are in a difficult relationship that you want to keep you may want to ask yourself why you want to stay in it. Then ask if both of you are willing to work on making it better. Problems in a relationship typically aren’t just because of one person, and no one can take responsibility for another person’s actions. A cord cutting will help to remove the cord that is associated with the negative patterns helping to energetically create a potential for a healthier relationship.

The physical, emotional and mental counterparts to the spiritual cord cutting is up to you both. Even if the other person is not aware of the cutting happening, they may unconsciously react to it. This is why it is important to have it done in a way where healing is also applied to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. This is why I include Imara Reiki with each cord cutting.

Why is Imara Reiki Special?

I combine Imara Reiki with Usui Reiki to create an especially potent mix of energies to help start the healing process now for you. In addition to the emotional, spiritual and physical healing that Usui Reiki brings,

Imara Reiki will help to release:

  • Repressed Problems
  • Subconscious Issues
  • and Past Life Issues and Ties

How often should I get cord cutting done?

It is recommended to get your cords cut regularly, although it varies by situation. If you are battling to release or deal with an abusive or generally negative relationship it is recommended to have it done more often because over times cords can thicken strengthening the negative energy impacts. Uncut negative cords can create tremendous strain both mentally and emotionally for us and if both parties wish to bring healing to a situation this can help immensely with the process.
It is impossible to completely protect ourselves from cords from reconnecting, but we can make sure by regular cord cutting to ensure that it doesn’t get too overwhelming. Even if we keep our connections to a minimum often those we love can inadvertently cause us issues through these energy cords through our daily struggles.

What are impressions?

Distance healings can be done with or without impressions. Impressions are short write-ups that include any information given during the healing and can vary. Typically some sort of guidance similar to an angel reading is given with information helping you to consider new ways of thinking. As they say change your mind, change your life. Other information that may be given may include what the cords were like, faces that were seen, or information on your energy body.
Impressions are always given as Spirit inspires when done in person.

Do I need to request a specific cord to be cut?

Some healers require you pay per number of cords you want cut. I ask your guides which ones need to be cut and go from there. Therefore, you don’t need to request a specific person(s) to be cut from you, but I always welcome any information you’d like to provide. This helps me interpret any symbols I may be given, and I can make sure to pay attention to the relationships that are causing you a particular problem.
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