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Because energy healing is an incredibly unique experience very different from how western medicine approaches healing, you may have a lot of questions about how to prepare, what to expect, and after-care. Even though each healing can focus on different conditions, they are all pretty similar in how they are experienced.

Will Healing Cure My Issues?

Healing works on a much deeper level than western medicine. Western medicine is aimed at stopping immediate symptoms. This can be useful for immediate problems, but often doesn’t consider or address deeper issues at play.

Healing attempts to create a higher standard of living through targeting healing on the spiritual level that in turn can help work on the mind, body, spirit and/or emotions.

Let’s say you have a lot of headaches. The energy healing may help you relieve your stress, which in turn will fix your headaches. It may also help create certain energetic conditions where you are more likely to get the answers you need so that you in turn you get the ultimate cure your looking for. Unfortunately, the nature of Spirit is often difficult to understand, but it can have further reaching effects than you may assume. So in short it may cure the symptom your looking to have taken care of, but it may or may not do it directly. Any healer that promises you guaranteed results may be trying to scam you.

What factors affect how effective energy healing is?

Although energetic healings can be very powerful, the client has to be ready to accept it. This means that they need to be open to creating and accepting change in their lives as problems often come from harmful life patterns such as thinking patterns, life choices and how you treat your body. Energy healing can not override your will or make you do anything.

Curing is what everyone hopes for. It is the ending of symptoms and discomfort. Healing can cure, but it often takes longer than Western methods for long-existing issues. This is why clients need to continue care with their regular medical or psychological care workers and take their medications as directed. True healing is collaborative process through multiple tools and must be an active, conscious effort.

Can I stop other treatments and rely only on energy healing?

No, energy work is a collaborative process and is best combined with other traditional healing approaches. This can include western and eastern medicinal approaches, psychological help, and personal efforts to heal. Energy work can help to remove blockages, and at times can offer miraculous results, but it is best to take a responsible approach to our personal health.

What will I experience during a healing?

This varies greatly from experience to experience and person to person. At times, people who are receiving healings will have virtual fireworks of energy racing through them and be aware of the entire process. In these cases the client may feel a multitude of sensations, including but not limited to: tingles, pin pricks, itching, heat or cold.

If you feel any pain, which is often light but does happen, breath deeply and consciously say that you release whatever is needed as this is often a sign of a blockage and is nothing to worry about. If in person and you mention this is occurring we can further address what is going on and adjust accordingly. Even at a distance, realize at any time you can stop the energy if it becomes too intense, though I’ve never heard of this happening as I aim to do the healings for the highest good of the person, which means what they are ready for.

Some more sensitive clients may see colors or images during the healing. These things are entirely normal and are simply an expression of the energy doing its work.

Other people may not feel anything or fall asleep during the process. This does not mean nothing happened, it just may mean that it is working on a level the client is not aware of. Clients should never feel bad about falling asleep during a healing, as often the energy needs to reach deep through our conscious levels and can more effectively do so if we fall asleep which could be compared to a spiritual anesthetic.

No matter what you feel during a healing, have confidence that it is the exact experience that you need to have. The spiritual can be a mysterious process, but it is important to trust in the divine source that drives the healing that I deliver.

How do I prepare for a healing?

When preparing for a healing it is important to go into it with a clear intent and release any feelings of fear or doubt. It is highly recommended not to have any alcohol with 24 hours before or after the healing. Because of the detoxification that can be triggered by healings, having alcohol can cause moderate to severe symptoms as the body pushes it out at an increased rate. One does not need to be or have been drunk to have this occur. It is also recommended not to smoke at least half an hour before or after the healing.

If you are having a distance healing make sure to unplug the phones and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Loud noises or other interruptions can be especially jarring. Unless otherwise specified it is useful to accept distance healings while you are meditating or sleeping, and have an hour set aside.

What happens After the healing?

Just as the healing process can vary greatly to person, so can the results. It is important to remember that we are all at different places in our lives and that we need to be patient with ourselves. The energy will help to facilitate the healing we need, but sometimes it needs to be administered in a gentle long-term method, versus a lightning bolt that cracks reality around us. There is a time and place for each type of energy, and the divine influences that flow through Thunder Wolf will make sure that you get exactly what you need. Many may feel immediate results, others may see the healing have more subtle effects over the coming days or longer.

No matter what the long term effects are, be careful when you are first starting to move around after receiving a healing. Take extra time to pamper yourself. Be gentle with yourself and allow extra time for rest and restoration so that your body and mind has an easier time at adapting to the energies. It’s important to get extra water to facilitate healing.

At times, individuals may experience what is known as a healing crisis. This may sound scary, but its a natural result of your body, mind and emotions purging. When old energies and thoughts are kicked up its like stirring up the bottom of a pond, you can’t get rid of the sludge without doing so, but it may make the waters murky for a while. Healing crises may include physical symptoms such as a cold or sore throat or it may be emotional such as feeling vulnerable or experiencing seemingly random emotional releases. If at all possible it is good to try to not suppress symptoms unless they become dangerous as they are the natural intelligence of your Self reacting with the energies and by experiencing them it helps to purge things. This does not mean that you should ignore serious or dangerous symptoms, and you should always seek medical or psychological attention where appropriate. If at all possible be accepting and forgiving of yourself if you feel bouts of anger or sadness, again this is the energy being processed. Try to allow it to happen and not suppress it.

Is there any special instructions for Soul Retrievals/Drummings?

These healings are a special class of healings as they work so deeply in our subconscious. Although the same preparations are important for these for the client, its important to realize that these work on a much different level. Shamanic style healings dig deep into the spirit and can stir up especially sensitive emotions and feelings. It is recommended after a soul retrieval to spend time reflecting on yourself and your life. Allow yourself to sit in silence and simply feeling yourself, feeling your wholeness, and honor those pieces of yourself that came back. It is important to see your pieces as back, and to not dwell on that they were gone but rather on your new wholeness that has the ability to help you find new courage, hope, or even self-confidence. For many returning soul pieces is worthy of a celebration, and they do something special for themselves later in that day.


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