Heart Mending Package

Perfect HeartThe loss and pain of a broken heart is almost unequaled by any other life experience. The Heart Mending Package will help you to heal the wounds of the past and move on to a brighter future!

This comprehensive healing package is designed to empower and heal at a discounted price (over 25% savings) to help you transform your grief and move on so you can be more grounded to re-create your life.

The Heart Mending Package includes:

  • La Ho Chi Energy Healing
  • Cord Cutting
  • Sekhem Energy Healing
  • Angelic Balance Reading
  • Sacred Bath Kit
  • 3 Question Reading
  • Soul Symbol Reading
  • Hand-Painted Sacred Soul Symbol Stone

Let’s examine the benefits of each!

Sacred Bath Kit This sacred bath kit gives you everything you need to create your own home ritual to create a transformational bath. Each item is Blessed and Charged Bath Salt (1 ounces each: love and healing), Candle, 2 Sticks of incense. Humans have long been doing rituals to acknowledge and smooth themselves through tough times. Includes a suggested instructional sheet free of charge! Shouldn’t you also acknowledge your own personal power by doing the same?
Typical Retail 5.99

Benefits of Energy HealingCord Cutting To bring in new positive energies you must release the old. This is a must for anyone trying to let go of old relationships and renew themselves. Energetic cords connect us to each other even when we are apart. When they are cut it allows wounds to heal, stop energetic exchange and helps obsessive thoughts to rest. Sekhem Reiki is included to help bring healing, compassionate, loving energy into your aura. For those suffering from a broken heart self love is even more paramount then ever. Loving ourselves enough to grieve, move on and recognize our individual completeness is absolutely necessary.
Typical Retail 14.99

Angelic Balance Reading A reading done in combination using cards and the angelic guidance, this will help you figure out what you need to keep in mind right now to help the transition be as smooth as possible. A must when you feel like pain, grief, fear and doubts are threatening to take over the entire self. This reading gives you something positive to think on and strive for. When we have loss we must replace it with something better.
Typical Retail 25.00

Soul Symbol Stone and Reading Meditation, centering and grounding is extremely important to maintain sense of self through difficult periods of time. Your soul symbol is something you have forever. 95% of the time information comes through on how to use your soul symbol as your personal tool, other times past life information comes through. In all cases this can be used in personal rituals to affix your energy stronger to your magical workings as well as to be meditated on to bring yourself into a healthier mind set as it will connect you to your soul’s essence. When you lose someone it is more important then ever to focus on gathering and healing ourselves. By focusing on your soul symbol, you focus on ourselves, you return to ourselves so you can stand stronger on our own to move forward.

The polished river stone is hand-painted with the runic-like soul symbol that represents your personal frequencies. It is charged and blessed and  is beneficial to hold when we begin to feel the insecurities of walking our paths. It should be a reminder of your beauty, uniqueness and power! These stones range from 1″ to 3″ in diameter (choose the relative size or ask me to chose the stone that is calling to be yours).
Typical Retail 23.99

3 Question Reading We all have questions when going through transitions and transformations. Ask them here for guidance specific to your situation.
Typical Retail $5.99

Mystic RoseLa Ho Chi This is the healing that helps to gently bring change to our lives, moving the energy through us to heal our mind, body and spirit. It can remove blocks, enhance functioning of your body, sooth your mind and spirit through your difficult transitions. Create an intent for the highest good to help your physical actions to manifest more easily. Unlike other healing modalities, La Ho Chi works for 7 days. During those days the power is put into your hands as you can call the energy back to you when and as many times as you’d like so when you feel pained the most you have the most potent energetic salve immediately available to you. Any impressions received from Thunder Wolf during this healing will be given to you
Typical Retail 45.00

These services normally total over $110 when purchased together you can get them for the low price of $75 ($30 Savings!). These services take Thunder Wolf over 5 hours to complete! All Healings will be done distantly, but can be scheduled.


Terms: Please note the healings will be done and delivered over a series of days. Its recommended that the cord cutting and la ho chi sessions be done at least 3 days apart.  Please realize that handling time for everything may come to up to 10 days. The Sacred Bath Kit and Soul Stone are the only services that will need mailing. There is free shipping on everything. It is recommended to share a photo with me so I can connect to your energies more thoroughly, although its not necessary.

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