Power Animal Retrievals

Our power animals walk through us with our daily lives, but sometimes we lose these connections with the guides who are there to help us most. When this happens there can be what is called a loss of power. We may feel lost, undirected, or just unsure where to go.

During a Power Animal Retrieval I will journey and find what animal(s) guidance you need the most by journeying into the other worlds and bringing back those that wish to work with you most. When returning she blows them back into your heart and head to help reconnect you to them. Afterward I tell you the wisdom that your animals wish to impart to you at the time of the retrieval.

Power Animal Retrievals can be done separately or sometimes occur during the Spirit Speaks Package where all shamanic healing techniques I have available are used as directed by spirit. If you are unsure if this is right for you feel free to use the contact form and ask me what is the right healing method for you.

Need something more?

While I do offer power animal retrievals on their own, I prefer people experience the Spirit Speaks Package as it is a complete healing experience. Having a power animal retrieval alone can be helpful, but it is kind of like tofu without having it mixed into anything else. Find the Spirit Speaks Package here.

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