Reiki for Pets

DogPets are family and when they get sick its just as distressing as when our human family gets ill. Reiki can lend itself wonderfully to healing pets as they tend to be more receptive to energies then humans.

Each animal person will respond differently to energies, just as humans, but it may help to lessen current problems. Reiki has often been used to comfort and calm stressed pets, and help them to bring a greater sense of peace. All healing is done for the highest good of your pet and can help your pet get back to their normal self faster.

Just as with humans, Reiki can benefit already healthy pets, helping them to stay happy and in good health.

Please let me know what the name of your pet is, species, and preferably a picture when doing this healing done for your furry, scaled or feathered family member.

Please remember, just as with humans, energy healing is an excellent supplement for your pets everyday life or other medical care. It should not take the place of veterinarian care or medications for your pet.

Unless a pet is larger, such as a large dog, horse, etc I recommend the 15 minute or 30 minute session as animals tend to respond exceptionally to smaller amounts of energy due to their mind and spirit connections.

Even a little Reiki can go a long way!

Pet and animal healings are currently only offered as a distance healing session only. If you would like an exception, please send me a message and I may be able to accommodate you.

When ordering a healing for a pet you won't receive any healing impressions after. Healings can be scheduled by request, but generally don't need to be as animals are naturally open to receiving healing.

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