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Energy Healing


Benefits of Energy Healing

Most people are introduced to energy healing through reiki. The word reiki literally means “intelligent energy” and as such as it is channeled it goes directly where it can do the most good. Reiki was originally channeled a century ago by Usui Ryoho in Japan.

Since then other offsprings have popped up each specializing in their own applications. Each method requires the practitioner to be attuned to the energies before they are able to use the energies. Multiple levels are often required, each providing for a more potent healing. Thunder Wolf is a master in all listed energy types below.

Although each reiki type will address general physical, mental and spiritual ailments, each type has its own specialization it has. If you are interested in receiving the benefits of reiki, but aren’t sure which would be the best for your situation please don’t hesitate to ask.

All sessions are done distantly, unless otherwise stated. Local sessions are only available in office in Green Bay, WI. After purchase you will be contacted shortly by Thunder Wolf to schedule the energy healing and whether the session will be offered at a distance or in office.

Types of Reiki offered include:

Usui Ryoho: Usui method is the original reiki type and helps to provide overall generalized healing.

Imara Reiki: Although this also provides overall healing, its shines at helping to relieve suppressed or subconscious issues. It also is known to help provide healing from past life issues. Some people experience seeing images or having vivid dreams after this type of healing.

Seichem Reiki: This energy type works primarily on the heart and emotional centers, and balances the male and female energies within us. Seichem is best used when one has a lot of emotional problems are present.


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