La Ho Chi

Deep, Strong Healing Energy that Flows for Days

La Ho Chi is a unique healing experience that helps to restore the mind, body and spirit to their original, perfect blueprint which may bring stress relief, emotional balance, and boost your immune system. If you feel stuck or stagnant and need a gentle push forward, this is the healing type for you. I find it especially useful for those suffering from heartache and stress helping to balance through personal challenges.

La Ho Chi is also accompanied by Angel Touch technique. This energy healing technique helps to provide deep healing to the heart.

¬†Unlike other healing modalities, La Ho Chi works for 7 days. During those days the power is put into your hands as you can call the energy back to you when and as many times as you’d like.

As La Ho Chi realigns your spirit to its original blue print, clears and activates your energy it may help to:

  • Balance Moods
  • Bring feelings of well-being, serenity, and positiveness
  • Enhance the functioning of all systems in the body
  • Clear blocks you are experiencing in all areas of your life
  • Raise your personal vibrations
  • and more


La Ho Chi Energy is so complete because it activates, clears and heals your energy using the

  • Complete Meridian System
  • Color Frequencies
  • Herbal Essence Energies
  • Crystal Energies
  • and Sacred Geometry

Need something more?

Check out the Intuitive Healing Package, it can include La Ho Chi and more! Find it Here.

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