Custom Pendulum Chart References

When you want answers you want them now. You don’t want to wade through books finding the right pendulum chart, especially if you use a specific few. I have your answer with custom pendulum chart references.

High quality charts are printed on 8.5 X 11″ card stock and then laminated for supreme durability. Black and white so that you can avoid color energies influencing your dowsing and minimize distraction to keep you in a receptive state for answers.

You specify what charts are included on the two-sided sheet.

Look professional with your custom pendulum chart sheets at your finger tips.

How Do I Get My Custom Chart Reference?

Fill out the form below to specify what charts your interested in. Then purchase the reference chart at the bottom of the page.

Waiting time for your custom reference sheet varies on orders in queue. They are filled in the order they are received so purchase now to reserve your place in line!


Chart Reference Examples

  • 4 Charts per side
  • 3 Charts on a side if it includes a double-size chart
  • 2 Double sized charts maximum per side with no other charts
  • If you don’t see charts that you need, use the form anyway to describe what kind of charts you do need. There may or may not be additional charges for the custom chart creation.
  • The decoration field can refer to custom text, clip-art, or added symbol. Thunder Wolf will do her best to accommodate your request.
  • If requesting a custom chart(s) not included on the list below, be included on your reference sheet please send your request prior to purchasing.
  • After sending the creation form with the specifications for your custom reference sheet, please purchase the chart through the cart on this page.
  • FREE Shipping! to the US and Canada



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Charts you want included, please see general guidelines above. You will be contacted if your request can not be accommodated for some reason
Alphabet (Double)Animals (Double)Body Systems (Double)Word of the DayChakra ConditionChakrasColorsCrystals (Double)ElementsMeditationMoonOilsRoot Cause of IllnessTherapies (Double)Yes/No Expanded (10 Options)Spiritual Action ChartAromatherapy (Double)ArchangelsZodiac SignsPlanetsAstrology HousesDivination MethodDirectionsDay of the WeekNumbersSpiritual Acts


If you want one or more custom charts not included on the list above, please describe what you are looking for here. Please note extra fees may apply depending on the size of the chart and other factors. Please do not actually purchase the custom chart reference until your special request has been reviewed and approved by Thunder Wolf which may take several days and communications to you.

Would you like decorations to be added to the chart free of chart?


If you want decorations added to your chart, please specify what theme you'd like. Ideas might be stars, witchy, animals, flowers or general decorative elements. Please note decorations are generally small because they are fitted between the charts or in the corners.

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