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Lifelong Totem Reading

Each of us are born with a total of 9 permanent animal totems which sit in one of the sacred directions. Because they walk with us through our entire lives this reading will only need to be done for you once in your whole life. This a detailed reading that contains pages of information of what animals are with you, what those animals messages and lessons can be, and what they mean to you as they sit in their sacred directions of your life. This is a highly personal reading that when reviewed through the years will reveal more "ah ha!" moments as the animals reflect themselves through your personality and life.

When ordering the e-mailed totem reading you will receive a report approximately 10 pages long describing the meaning of each sacred direction and animal that sits in it. The phone reading will cover the same information, but you will be emailed a one page reminder of your animals and the directions that they sit in. This one page report does include a description of each direction, but only lists the name of the animal in each direction.

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