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Balance and Direction Reading

While many often thing about getting answers to direct questions when times are tough, guidance readings can often be much more useful. Using a combination of Sacred Pathway Cards and wisdom from the guides and angels this reading will detail how to find your footing again among the turmoil from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

This Native American-inspired layout will help you ease your inner turmoil using a layout using the sacred directions. This is my favorite reading to do as I feel it is the most helpful. It is natural for us to have infinite questions and insecurities, and these can be addressed through other reading types. However, this reading will help you be stronger in the present by helping us know where to focus out attention in the emotional, mental and physical realms.

While I do consider this to be more of a well-being reading instead of traditional tarot reading, you are welcome to give a background of what is going on. That way I may be able to more specifically address your concerns at the moment and understand any symbols I'm given from the spiritual helpers.

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