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Healer’s Pendulum Reference Chart

Healer's Pendulum Chart

Double-sided, both sides shown

Flexible, this chart is great for anyone who is interested in creating a healing practice that recognizes the whole individual. Charts on this reference target more than just the physical, and help the practitioner to explore the energetic as well. Instead of having a hefty book to page through have this simple reference at your finger tips to simplify and save time.


Custom charts are available if you are a practitioner and want charts extra targeted toward your specialty.

This Reference Features:

Chakra Chart

7 Major chakras Included
Quickly identify which chakras need work

Chakra Issue
4 States (Underactive, Healthy, Overactive, Damaged)
Immediately know what issue the chakra is having
Confirm the health of a chakra after working on it

Source Chart
4 Bodies (Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional)
Know which body an issue is stemming from

Treatment Chart
26 Treatment types
Find out what treatment would be best to compliment current methods

Body Center Chart
15 Body Systems
Identify strong and weak points within the body

Alphabet Chart

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