Tarot CardsEven in indigenous cultures man has yearned to know more than his primary senses could tell him. Consulting cards, tea and all manner of divinatory devices we have looked to the spirits to guide us in everyday life searching for hope, guidance, and above all truth.

Using a combination of intuition, various divination cards, guides and angels, I look into the issues concerning your life and strive to give you honest, accurate answers.

If you are seeking an answer to a question, ask yourself if you really want to know the answer. Asking the guides and angels for answers shouldn’t be a game, and any information we receive or act on can change our destinies.

It is natural to want to quiet doubt and worry, but there are some that become addicted to spiritual readings. This is disrespectful to the spirits, yourself, and can be a very harmful and expensive addiction. It should never be a substitute for your own common sense or medical care.

I say I do all my readings as entertainment purposes only. This is partially because sometimes spirit speaks louder then other times, the fact no one is 100% accurate, and of course for legal reasons. Please don’t ever base your life decisions strictly because any reader tells you, no matter what their track record for accuracy is.



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