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CandleIts only natural as we go through our Earth Walk that we accumulate worries and troubles and seek answers. I strive to provide clear, honest, caring answers using natural intuitive abilities combined with various cards and the wisdom of the spirit guides/angels letting the divine inspire what is necessary to say.

Readings often involve images gifted from the angels and may have more meaning to you. I do my best to interpret them, but given that I often don’t have a lot of information it makes it harder to fully interpret what I’m seeing. This is why it can be helpful for me to get some background on any questions.

As much as I’d love for all readings to be positive, sometimes negative feeling information may come up. It isn’t possible for all couples to make it, and we all have our own shadows that hold us back. While a situation may not be meant to last, or may end up being a painful experience, remember that it is through challenges that we learn and grow. If you side track a negative experience you may also bypass a positive one.

When you get a reading, reread it, contemplate it, consider what it is trying to tell you. If something doesn’t feel right to you, throw it out. Remember, no reader is 100% That is the key to getting the most out of the information delivered. Introspection is an invaluable tool to the spiritual seeker.

Although some of these things may represent past or current conditions, future ones may still be able to be changed by early enough detection. Readings are a snapshot of how they are most likely to turn out now, and to best utilize the information they should not be used as a simple fortune-telling experience.

Specific Question Mini-Reading

When your mind is rolling with questions and worry, you need a specific question reading. The classic general reading is great to get an overview, but by ordering a specific question answer you can have your mind eased by getting targeted, specific answers to the questions that are nagging your mind. Get honest, straight-forward answers now so that you can know what is coming up for you in the career world. Maybe you have questions about romance, or whether a relationship really is right for you.

Readings are typically delivered within 2 to 3 days by e-mail unless the express reading is selected. The express reading guarantees a response within 24 hours from receiving your questions giving your questions first-priority.

Please be aware I can not diagnose any issues, and while the intuitive world can be useful in highlighting what you need to know it is not a replacement for sound medical or legal help. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Question answer length varies, but tends to run 500 words or more and I try to explore the answer as thoroughly as possible.

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Classic Reading Delivered Via PDF

Are you curious what influences are surrounding you right now? How your past connects with your future? This reading is excellent for discovering answers to the question you seek as well as getting a generalized view of whats going on around you right now.

Reading will be delivered as a PDF for easy printing.

This reading utilizes the classic Celtic Cross layout which is 10 cards total combined with my own intuitive impressions. At times I will draw extra cards for clarification.

The information included will be:

1) Past Influences

2) Present Foundation

3) Current Influences

4) Where You Are Right Now

5) Current Obstacles

6) Future Influences

7) Environment

8) How Others View You

9) Hopes and Fears

10) Most Likely Outcome if Nothing Changes


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Balance and Direction Reading

While many often thing about getting answers to direct questions when times are tough, guidance readings can often be much more useful. Using a combination of Sacred Pathway Cards and wisdom from the guides and angels this reading will detail how to find your footing again among the turmoil from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

This Native American-inspired layout will help you ease your inner turmoil using a layout using the sacred directions. This is my favorite reading to do as I feel it is the most helpful. It is natural for us to have infinite questions and insecurities, and these can be addressed through other reading types. However, this reading will help you be stronger in the present by helping us know where to focus out attention in the emotional, mental and physical realms.

While I do consider this to be more of a well-being reading instead of traditional tarot reading, you are welcome to give a background of what is going on. That way I may be able to more specifically address your concerns at the moment and understand any symbols I'm given from the spiritual helpers.

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Love and Relationship Readings

Are you trying to muddle through relationship issues, or just want a way to get more clarity on the state of the relationship? I offer this straight to the point reading, or a more in-depth detailed relationship reading for those wanting a clearer picture of the positives and negatives. With Spirit and tarot the more specific the questions the more clear picture you will receive. These readings are aimed to show current trends and situation to allow you to see possible issues or details between you and your loved one.

While I do use cards to do these readings, I also use a heavy dose of intuition and impressions so that the cards become more like guides to confirm what I am picking up.

You are also allowed to choose one clarification question with this reading at the time of purchase. This allows for space for you to provide further customization with how I interpret the cards.

Love Glimpse Reading

This reading will give you an idea where you both are at with the relationship, the obstacles between you both, and the most likely outcome at this time.

Heart Looking Glass Reading

This will not just go into the general opinion of where each of you are in the relationship, but also a bit more information. People are not black or white, and this relationship reflects that as it goes into both a positive and a negative in how each of you view each other. It also covers the positive in the relationship and the main challenge. No reading would be complete without the most probably long term outcome as well.

Please understand that not all readings can be positive. I absolutely hate giving bad news, but it happens so please don't order a reading if you only want positive information. I try to deliver it in a compassionate light, with any information/advice given from the guides to make it better but its still hard to not hear what we want to hear. There are many readers out there just to make a buck and will tell you what you want to hear. This reading is for 'entertainment' purposes only but I try to handle each reading with the care I would want given to them for myself including any positives I can or information that may help you to change the outcome.

While I already have this in my legal disclaimer, please don't make decisions based upon a reading anyone gives you. Energies are constantly changing so if a relationship is failing and someone decides to work on their own personal issues which may be contributing that could help bring change. Also even if a relationship fails often times there are lessons there for us to learn which will help us grow as people or prepare us for our soul mate.

What I Need

I will need the name of you and the other person in the relationship. I need to know whether you are dating yet or not, married, etc. Tarot and psychic work often require interpreting symbols as Spirit has its own language. Knowing this information will help me to give you a better reading. If you want to provide additional information to that feel free to.

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