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How do you get your answers?

Most commonly I consult a set of divination cards, however I also use my intuition and stay up to the guidance of the animal guides and angels. The cards are simply a conduit to clarify the wisdom coming through to me. Sometimes I do skip the cards entirely because the message is delivered so clearly without the prompts. During phone readings, small periods of silence means I am listening to the answer the guides and angels are giving me.

How can I best prepare for an in-person or phone reading?

Have a list of your questions generally in your mind ahead of you. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of questions, often times when I begin to read you will begin to have more questions or want clarification on certain statements as the reading goes along.

I don’t like what you said would happen, can I change it?

It depends on the situation, but I believe that some things are destiny and other things are within our control, its just often difficult to know which is which. When I do a reading I am seeing how things will be if you or anyone else in this situation does not change their course of action. There is also sometimes where people have a choice in a situation and have not yet made up their mind enough for the divination tools to tell me what the trend is. If you don’t like the future as told by the current trends examine the situation and see how you can proactively take control of your destiny.

You said that you don’t know for sure if something will happen, why not?

As mentioned above, we may have certain patterns that are probably going to happen as a result of our actions, but at any moment we change our destiny by making a different choice. Many times people have already pointed themselves sufficiently on a course of action, but if they are truly undecided, or if there are a lot of influencing factors yet to occur, the answer may be that it is simply not decided.

How much accuracy do you have?

Generally my accuracy with questions is very good. No reader can give a 100% guarantee however on their accuracy.

What affects your accuracy?

There are many factors that can affect my accuracy including my general mindset and health. This is why I will often wait to do a reading if I do not feel that I am in a sufficiently connected state to give you the accuracy you deserve for your questions. Accuracy can also be affected by how much little information I am given. Generally I do not need additional details such as birthplace or birthdate, but the more I know about a situation the more it helps me to interpret the signs I do get. Left without certain details I do the best I can as any reader can, but this is why its important to read my answers with your situation in mind.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask any kind of questions including ones about dates, yes/no, or general advice. It is generally recommended to avoid yes or no questions, but rather ask something that is a bit fuller bodied. For example, is this person in love with me is a yes or no answer. People are not black and white creatures and so it may be better to ask how does this person feel about me?

What are your favorite types of readings to do?

As a healer, Thunder Wolf prefers to do readings about self improvement, spiritual insight, or personal development.


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