Art that Effects and Reflects Spirit

Healing Picture Example

Healing Picture Example

When a shamanic practitioner journeys into the other worlds, they are met with spirits and messages deeply entwined with fantastic imagery and colors, that clients only get to hear about. Now you can own a one-of-a-kind, energetically charged piece of art inspired by the spirits themselves from messages and images revealed just for you as Thunderwolf journeys. These images inscribed in digital or physical media can be meditated with and shared to be used to help you create powerful change in your life. Each line and color in the artwork drawn with intent and is filled with meaning and so its recommended to revist the picture as you feel drawn, letting further messages and inspirations come to you as the guides work through the pictures and speak to your subconsicous mind. As you can see they can come in a variety of artistic styles, this is because Thunderwolf doesn’t wish to limit the expression of the spirits as they flow through her. You are getting a genuine article created by spirit and shamanistic journeying.

All drawings are on 9″ X 12″ acid-free paper and is done with chalk pastels. Each picture comes complete with a thorough description of the meanings and images contained within the picture.

If you feel drawn to these pictures, look inside yourself and choose between having a soul, guide, totem, or healing drawing picture done for you so that you can unlock the wisdom and help the guides are urging you to get.

Soul Drawings

These pictures are often of an ethereal nature marked by sweeping, airy colors and marks of the angelic. Each of us is a spiritual being having a physical experience and this is the picture that will give you a glimpse into your spiritual being. These pictures often come with a wide variety of messages, but may include encouragement and aide to help you walk your path in a more precise manner.
If you want to see your inner divine, this is the picture for you.

Guide Drawings

Guide Drawing Example

Guide Drawing Example

Our guides are companions that walk with us through our daily lives whispering insight and guidance in our ears often without us realizing where those important tidbits of wisdom come from. Guides, unlike totems, are temporary. Temporary, however, can mean hours, days, weeks or even years as they stay as long as we need them too. Thunderwolf will find which one(s) have the most important messages for you right now.

If you are in need of guidance and support consider getting your guide drawing revealed.

Totem Drawings

These are the most complex and time consuming drawings to do and can literally take days for one picture, but only one will need to be done in a lifetime. Each person has 7 main totems that influence our thoughts, personalities, and lives. Therefore each animal not only needs to be represented in the picture, but explained by direction, influence and quality.

This is a truley one of a kind drawing that will never become irrelevent in your life.

Guides Drawing Example

Guides Drawing Example


Healing Drawings

As we go through our lives, we are bound to come across emotional and physical damage that begin to take our tolls on us. These pictures offer a starting point on where we need to start to release these old hurts, and where we can start to make a better stronger life for ourselves. These pictures are some of the most energetically, emotionally and physically challenging for Thunderwolf to do as she actually enters the heart of the dis-sease to help bring wisdom and energy to begin processing that which is causing issues.

This picture can often help start healing processes within your life.



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