Suggestions for Using Your Spirit Feathers

Just as there are many manifestations of spirit around us, there are many ways that you can use your Spirit Feather.

Blue Butterfly FeatherArt

At their core, these feathers are unique pieces of handcrafted art meant to delight the eye as well as speak to the soul. Some may prefer to hang them up to beautify their spaces, while others may set them on an altar or around their living spaces to remind themselves of the essences that each feather is imbued with. Just as a crystal can imbue its surroundings with its energies, so too can a Spirit Feather within its environment.


Meditation with Spirit Feathers can occur with the eyes closed while holding the feather allowing the subconscious mind to merge with the feather’s energy allowing it to understand it on a deeper level. Another technique includes letting one’s eyes fall on the art of the feather while casually allowing oneself to study what the colors and shapes means to the self. Meditation with the feather is recommended to bring the greatest results as it is an active interaction with them.


Hold your feather in serenity and thanks while mentally placing your prayers within your feather. Take it outside and hang it somewhere to allow the wind and sky spirits to take your prayers to the creator.

SmudgingSummoning Feather

What could be more special then using your own personalized feather to spread the soothing and cleansing sage or cedar smoke? Spread the sacred smoke with your own sacred tool.

Altar Tool

The feather is often used a symbol of air, but these can serve to bring multiple energy types into your altar and working space. Although custom feathers can be created to bring in certain essences, they can also be created simply for the owner. When they are created just for the owner there can be many layers of highly personal symbology and energy levels that you can bring to your working space. Use the feather simply to represent things on your altar, or as an alternative to a wand. Your imagination is the limit.


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