Basic Energy Cleansing Technique

Shower ContemplationClients often ask me, how can I do simple, daily energy maintenance? While this doesn’t take the place of a full chakra and aura cleanse, this exercise is especially useful on a stressful day and combines visualization with a refreshing shower.

While in the shower focus your attention on the sensation of water running down your body. Now visualize a gold or white liquified light pouring down through the falling water.

Consciously make the intent to release the stresses from the day. It is useful to use an affirmation such as, “I consciously release the negativity that I am carrying with me.” or “Thank you, God, for shining your divine light down on me and removing negativity that I am holding within my aura.”

Take deep, slow conscious breaths being careful not to inhale water. With each breath imagine some of the light filling you. Breath deeply, imagining it going deep into your lungs and flowing through your body. Allow yourself to glow. While exhaling, take all those stressful feelings from the day, or anxiety your carrying and push them out with the air.

Sometimes its beneficial to actually take light, fast strokes against your skin to slough off the negative energy you’ve accumulated through the day.

Certain soaps seem to be especially good at helping to cleanse superficial energetic residue. Castille natural soaps are one of the best kind. Dr. Bronner’s brand which comes in a liquid and bar form is my favorite, but whichever you like best. Scent isn’t really important, but some soaps include essential oils which have their own properties, some of which are better at cleansing energies then others.

If nothing else it can be helpful to choose a scent that relaxes you. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties, but eucalyptus is very refreshing also and is good for mental fatigue.


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