Basic Shielding

Light Orb Shielding is a technique to protect ourselves from the intrusive and/or negative energies that we meet up with everyday. Shielding is like a stain guard protection to energy. It is inevitable that you will have to wash your clothes from wearing them around, just as you will need to clean your energy.

Although there are more complicated ways to shield, the most basic is the orb or egg of light. It’s important that you put this up before going out as its not as effective if used reactively.

Imagine the egg around you while making the intent that it will protect you throughout your day. Typically, a white, silver, or gold egg of energy around you are the best colors to choose. Use your intuition, although each color tends to have it’s own associations. Gold being more masculine, silver more feminine, and white being a good general color.

For most, this simple method is all they need. Others may be more sensitive and will need additional measures, or to be more specific when creating their mental shield.

If you find yourself getting antsy while shielding you may need to be more specific when visualizing it. Shielding can be a very creative activity, so it is alright to vary your technique, but if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable within your shielding you need to make sure there is an energy flow through your shield.  To borrow a biology term, make sure that your aura is selectively permeable. This means that you need to make sure only certain energies get in.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, just make sure that when you imagine the egg you don’t imagine it as an impenetrable fortress. Think of it as a filter, blocking out the energetic crud when you visualize it. The amount of detail is up to you. If you wanted to get fancy you could imagine the egg covered with millions of tiny pores allowing the flow of only positive energies in and your energies outward. With energy work the intent is the most important thing most of the time. Once proper intent is set there are multiple ways to get to the same result.

Energy exchange is natural, necessary and needed. What goes out isn’t as important as far as simple shielding goes as it is all about protection.  The main thing to know is that your energies need to be able to flow out so that they can connect to the earth. Shielding is not about shutting everything out, but rather works like an anti-virus program on your computer stopping them before they can get in. Interestingly, like different operating systems on computers certain people tend to naturally have more protection than others.

Also while new to using it, refresh it several times throughout the day by restating it’s purpose and your intent in  your mind. Sometimes you can use something around you to remind you to do it, like a watch alarm or post it notes around the house. Refreshing it will help you ensure its strength. After a while you won’t need to refresh it nearly so often.


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